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Kundeblad, Tech Trends

Teknologitrender, inspirasjon og nyheter fra Prevas

Tech Trends er Prevas´ kundeblad som kommer ut 2- 3 ganger per år.

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TechTrends 2 2017

Tech Trends no.2, 2019
Göteborgs Spårvägar digitalizing main-tenance of light rail fleet
Next generation of devices for condition monitoring of wind turbines
Military and off-road commercial vehicles experience the kind of strains and stresses that would quickly break a normal vehical. The big question is, when should maintenance be performed?

TechTrends 2 2017

Tech Trends Life Science, 2019
Home fertility treatment
The measuring toilet
Portable cooling system for saving lifes

TechTrends 2 2017

Tech Trends no.3, 2018
Ovens that communicates, gathering data and offering services and products direct to the customers. A total solution for connected products.
It should be easy to understand what to do when an accident occurs!
Nanofibers capture solar energy!
The intelligent bicycle lock. Lock and unlock with an app.

TechTrends 2 2017

Tech Trends no.2, 2018
From idea, prototype to Production in record time!
Ramlösa set for increased production!
Collaborative robot in serial production

TechTrends 2 2017

Tech Trends no.1, 2018
Smarter windpower
Disruptive digital dependency treatment for increased quality of life
Löfbergs’ maintenance journey towards increased operational reability

TechTrends 2 2017

Tech Trends no. 2, 2017
Digitalization blazes the trail for development of smart products. Connected technology prevent injuries. Secure key box that enables self-service exchange of keys around the clock. New automated factory to Höganäs Bjuf

TechTrends 1 2017

Tech Trends no. 1, 2017
Advanced technology for saving lives. A realistic manikin for training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. World’s best bike helmet – how does it work? The goal was to create invisible protection for bike riders. Technical development and digitalization in industry and society are creating new opportunities.

TechTrends 1 2016

Tech Trends no. 1, 2016
Cermaq chose Infor Enterprise Asset Management to achieve sustainable production. New EMC-lab with a semi-anechoic chamber for measurements at a distance of three meters. "High Five" for innovation of a new prosthetic hand! Hy5 develops a unique prostheses with grip possibilities.

TechTrends 3 2015

Tech Trends no. 3, 2015
Sandvik Mining investing in automation. Prevas delivers. Arla is building Europe's largest dairy for cottage cheese. Orkla's factories are being interconnected with an ultra-modern follow-up solution for production.

TechTrends 2 2015

Tech Trends no 2, 2015
Smart connected windows that can increase comfort and reduce cooling needs. Intelligent survival suits even safer. Advanced electronic stethoscope quickly measures heart status.

TechTrends 1 2015

Tech Trends no 1, 2015
Results-based partnership promote innovation and generate optimal solutions. The journey from Excel to an integrated and flexible system. Provides complete awareness. Optimized logistics flow for more efficient and safer assembly.

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