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Saving energy with smart windows

ChromoGenics is a leader in the development of technologies for smart windows. ChromoGenics' ConverLight™technology regulates the amount of light and radiated heat allowed to pass through windows. This unique and patented technology, based on research from the Ångström Laboratory at the University of Uppsala, enables energy savings and increased comfort in buildings. 

With help from Prevas, a scalable system has been developed for control of window glass. The system is designed for installation in both commercial and residential buildings. The windows can be controlled via the Internet by smartphones for example, or configured for fully automatic regulation.

“Prevas has demonstrated a high level of professionalism in managing, communicating and conducting the project,” says Thomas Almesjö, CEO for ChromoGenics. “From Day One, they've delivered on time, kept their promises and strongly contributed to us being able to realize our business plan for contributing to a more energy-efficient future.”

    Prevas has assisted in development of the entire chain of products for window control, from the outermost nodes that regulate each individual window, to servers and database applications that monitor and update status for all windows in an installation. The windows can be controlled with a web application via a tablet or smartphone for example, or automatically based on factors such as the time of day and the direction each window faces. A single system can handle automatic identification and administration of up to 1,600 windows. For a large hotel or office building for example, the technology streamlines administration and maintenance. Moreover, the solution can be integrated with existing property management systems to attain simpler building maintenance and operation.

      “We're extremely proud that we've been entrusted to assist ChromoGenics in this project,” says Johan Bergsten, sales manager at Prevas in Uppsala. “The project has been conducted in accordance with the established frameworks for quality, time and costs that we set a year ago. It really feels nice to have been given the opportunity to contribute with our expertise so that ChromoGneics could fulfill its goals and dreams for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.”

      The application areas are many for ChromoGenics' electrochromic materials, but the greatest potential for energy efficiency is in window glass for homes and commercial buildings. By dynamically controlling the passage of light, the sun's radiated heat is regulated, and consequently, the need for heating or cooling indoor air.

      For more information and follow-up:                                                                        

      Jonas Mann, Business Area Manager, Product Development, Prevas AB
      Cell: +46 70-379 06 69, E-mail: jonas.mann@prevas.se

      Johan Bergsten, Sales Manager, Uppsala, Prevas AB Office: +46 18 56 27 10,
      Cell: +46 70 190 23 14, E-mail: johan.bergsten@prevas.se

      Thomas Almesjö, CEO, ChromoGenics AB
      Cell: +46 70-629 07 82, E-mail: thomas.almesjo@chromogenics.com



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