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Winner of Prevas Student Embedded Award for 2015

In conjunction with the LINK Days event in Linköping (Sweden), the Prevas Student Embedded Award was presented for the second time.

Oskar Södergren took top honors with his Yggdrasil Home Automation System. It is an innovative and flexible solution for home automation, characterized by flexibility and simplicity, and with a major focus on cost.

Prevas Tech Trends nr 2 2015

The Prevas Student Embedded Award is an annually recurring award for students at Linköping University that is presented in collaboration with the university's Department of Computer and Information Science, and the section Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering. The award goes to the entry that best fulfills Prevas' requirements for advanced engineering, usability, quality as well as smart and innovative ideas.

“We want to see improved and closer collaboration between students and industry,” says Anders Malmby, Regional Manager at Prevas AB. “Based on this, the idea of a product competition for students gradually took form. It provides Prevas with an opportunity to provide help and inspiration to new talents in embedded engineering to give them a good start with their careers. I'm very happy to name Oskar Södergren as our second winner of the award.”

Entries to the competition must incorporate both electronics and software. A functioning prototype with associated documentation must also be produced. The purpose of the competition is to inspire students in further developing their ideas. Prevas is helping to realize these ideas by providing advice, serving as a sounding board and contributing with materials and components.

“For me the competition has meant that I received support in developing my idea of simple, inexpensive and flexible solutions for home automation,” says Oskar Södergren, winner of the Prevas Student Embedded Award. “The support I received from Prevas has helped along on the way and given me the assurance I needed to know that I’m on the right track.”

The Prevas Student Embedded Award is an annually recurring award for students at Linköping University with a prize of SEK 10,000 for the best entry. The solution must incorporate advanced engineering, explore new ground and be usable.

Caption: Oskar Södergren, winner of the Prevas Student Embedded Award for 2015, and Anders Malmby from Prevas.

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Anders Malmby, Regional Manager EAST, Prevas AB
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Per Österling, Consultant Manager, Prevas AB
E-mail: per.osterling@prevas.se, phone: +46 13-32 86 02



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