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Prevas development partner for INEXSO



With a very short ramp-up time, the Danish tech start-up INEXSO has developed a security classified box that enables the exchange of keys around the clock through self service.That Prevas has both established an extensive knowledge bank over the years and has substantial experience within the Internet of Things (IoT) were decisive when INEXSO chose Prevas as their development partner.

Each year, an estimated 50 million key exchanges are made, which until now has required an intermediary, at least if insurance coverage is to remain in force. Legislation was modified in Denmark for among other things, key exchanges and the storage of keys in the automotive branch. There was a need to come up with a secure and innovative way of picking up and dropping off keys for rental cars and vacation accommodations.

Prevas Innovation for Growth

INEXSO’s key box exploits this tremendous demand, and the technology can be used for much more than keys.

“The box is presently used for keys, but with the departure point in the electronics platform and software, the box can in principle be used for many other commercial solutions in which the physical exchange of a product is necessary to conduct a business transaction,” says Kasper Hessellund Hansen, INEXSO CEO and co-founder.

“We chose to collaborate with Prevas from the very beginning due to their skills in product development and IoT. The project is being partially financed with public funds for projects with an element of risk when it comes to business development. With their experience and knowledge of which technical certificates are required for optimal development of the product, we felt secure with Prevas. We’ve created all the applications ourselves and the time from production to prototype was just one year. A major advantage with engaging a development partner is that we’ve been able to benefit from Prevas’ entire in-house Nordic network of expertise.”

Martin Bang Andersen, Prevas project manager in Århus, has this to say about the project for INEXSO:

“We've developed the electronics for the locking mechanisms and the LVDS converter card for the display on the front of the product. It’s a custom solution based on Linux BSP, Prevas Industrial Linux (PIL). With our methodology, the customers can quickly sidestep many pitfalls. We are knowledgeable of all parts of the operating system and besides an extensive network of experts, we also have a freelance network that gives us access to a multitude of resources with expert skills in all fields.”


Prevas AS

Henrik Møller

Henrik Møller

President Prevas A/S


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Project Manager


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Björn Andersson

Björn Andersson

Senior Vice President, Business Development


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