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Ambu reinvents the training manikin, powered by Prevas technology


Next generation wireless resuscitation training manikins

Ambu have announced their next generation wireless resuscitation training manikins powered by Prevas technology. The new Ambu® Man Advanced ALS takes CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) training to the next level with a range of wireless manikins, incorporating improved electronics and built-in software provided by Prevas.

Death from sudden cardiac arrest accounts for about 15% of all deaths in Western countries. A substantial amount of lives can be saved if more people are familiar with CPR, and the use of training manikins is a key to achieving this goal.

“From the start, Ambu were very clear about the projects goals”, says Prevas Senior Project Manager Christian Ward, “they wanted a robust hardware & software platform that could deliver a unique and easy to use feature set that could be easily expanded with software upgrades well into the future. We utilized the latest mobile technologies running Prevas Industrial Linux (PIL) to create a powerful platform to run the Web App control and user interfaces. Indeed, the Web App browser interface enables training sessions to be controlled from any modern browser, without the need to download a dedicated app”.

The new range of wireless manikins can not only create their own WiFi networks, but several can communicate with each other, which together with exceptional battery life, enables realistic multi-manikin training sessions to take place anywhere; from a classroom to an ambulance, a beach to a jungle.

“Prevas really brought their knowledge of embedded systems to bear on this project, enabling Ambu to launch this next great advance in lifesaving training products, on time and with a high quality”, says Fabian Sachs, Senior Corporate Product Manager at Ambu. “This new range only scratches the surface of what this manikin platform will be capable of in the future”.

“Delivering this project in the timescales involved was in a large part due to the close partnership that was formed between Prevas and Ambu”, says Henrik Møller, President Prevas A/S, “this enabled both sides to quickly brainstorm and find solutions when issues arose”.

The new generation of Ambu wireless manikins are in accordance with the latest resuscitation guidelines, and support the educational recommendations from those guidelines. The manikins will be released for sale in June 2016.


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Henrik Møller

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