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sbRIO Methone

Single Board RIO Adapter.
Methone is an adapter board customized for the popular real-time controller Single-Board RIO from National Instruments and the COM Express Intel Atom PC single board computer.

For real-time needs Methone attaches directly to SBRIO. SBRIO includes a PowerPC and an FPGA programmed in LabVIEW. This allows for any real-time control.

For user interfacing you can run LV Windows, Linux or any other PC-based application on the COM Express PC module.


  • COM Express PC Module connector
  • 26 pin connector to SBRIO FPGA with IEEE1284 and GPIO
  • Three double USB connectors
  • 1G Ethernet connector with magnetics
  • VGA connector
  • JILI flat panel connector (option)
  • Two RS232 D-sub9
  • SATA connector for 2,5" harddrive
  • Keyboard/Mouse connector
  • Line in/out connector
  • 12V DC input connector

Included Software

  • NI SBRIO FPGA interface to COM Express Module
  • LabVIEW Software GUI for the system

Application Areas

  • Any application needing Windows based software together with PowerPC and FPGA real-time control

World Wide of-the-shelf shipment


  • 1-99; USD399
  • OEM quantities quoted on request

Contact and more information

Contact for more informtion about sbRIO Methone,
e-mail. User manual sbRIO MethonePDF


sbRIO Methone



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