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Prevas and Miris win Swedish Embedded Award

An instrument for analyzing fluids won first prize in the Enterprise category when the Swedish Embedded Award 2012 was announced at this year´s Embedded Conference. With Prevas assistance, Miris has developed an instrument that can have a major positive impact on neonatal care.

Miris' analytical instrument analyzes fluids such as cow, buffalo and breast milk. The instrument is the first portable mid-IR instrument for milk analysis. It is small, quick and easy to care for, which makes it easy to use right in the field.

Johan Bergsten, sales manager at Prevas says:
"The first portable mid-IR instrument for milk analysis on the market has a modern platform based on Freescale i.MX53. The platform is designed for flexibility to enable development of the next generation of Miris' instrument as well as adaptation to customer demands that arise. It is exciting that a small Swedish company can make such a breakthrough into the global market with unique and innovative technology that benefits society, and which only that company possesses. Together and in a matter of only seven months, we have been able to supply and initiate production on a complex system. It is very gratifying that the instrument won the Swedish Embedded Award 2012."

One very important area of usage for Miris' instrument is breast milk analysis. The nutritional content in breast milk can be analyzed, and additives can be individually adapted if needed for pre-mature children. The analyses can be performed on site at a neonatal ward, allowing immediate adaptation to suit the individual child's nutritional needs. Miris' instrument is the only instrument in the world that has been approved to analyze individual nutrition of pre-mature children.

"There is a great need to analyze and check donated and stored breast milk at hospital neonatal wards. Pre-mature children thrive best on consistent and stable nutrition, which means the nutritional content of the milk must be checked. Our analytical instrument needs a mere 1-3 ml to provide a quick and reliable analysis of breast milk, and the cost is low," says Tony Malmström, who is the CEO and one of the founders of Miris.
Prevas also won this prestigious award in 2009 together with Interspiro for a newly developed communication system for smoke diving teams.

For more information and follow-up
Jonas Mann, Business Area Manager Product Development Prevas AB
Cell: +46 (0)70-379 06 69, E-mail: jonas.mann@prevas.se

Johan Bergsten, Sales Manager Uppsala, Prevas AB
Phone: +46 1856 27 10, Cell: +46 70,190 23 14, E-mail: johan.bergsten@prevas.se

Tony Malmström, Founder and CEO Miris Holding AB 
Cell: +46 70,619 65 86, E-mail: tony.malmstrom@miris.se         

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