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Customer Magazine Tech Trends, no. 1 2017



Read about some of our customers and interesting assignments where we together tell you about how

advanced technology can save life, how the world's best bike helmet works and that technical development and digitalization in industry and society create new opportunities.


We're working in an incredibly expansive area of business.
Smart solutions, with capabilities for building intelligence into products and systems, are rapidly growing. The conditions for creating new innovations have never been greater than they are now. We can also be quite certain that the rate of development
will continue to increase, which means that next year, and the year after that, we’ll be able to make the same statement.

For a country to transform these opportunities into competitiveness, a number of basic factors must be in place. We need good schools that nurture children’s natural curiosity and that impart knowledge and inspiration. This improves the conditions for attracting as many applicants as possible to our
engineering schools and maintaining high standards in academic programs and research projects, which in turn generates a good recruiting base for businesses as well as expertise that can be strengthened and renewed. Companies
also need a good operating environment, where rules and regulations are reasonable and fair.

Tech Trends no 1 2017

But additionally, as icing on the cake, we have to develop an innovative culture. In our complex world in continuous change, we need specialization as well as openness and responsiveness. We must specialize so that we can sufficiently immerse ourselves in the technology to achieve world class solutions. If we don’t listen to the needs of the market, we won’t find the right solutions. And if we’re not open to new and perhaps unconventional ways of looking at things, our ideas can be held back by outdated approaches.

An easy and ingenious recipe for success is collaboration. In a more open collaborative atmosphere, with a thoroughly developed ecosystem, a brilliant idea can progress through the value chain and be refined into a successful innovation, ready for market. Here we can contribute with what we’re best at. This is how successful solutions are created in response to problems, challenges and needs. Solutions that make our world a better place to live. In this issue of Tech Trends, you can read about some excellent examples of just how much can be achieved
through successful collaboration. 

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Technical trends, inspiration and news from Prevas.

Tech Trends is Prevas' customer magazine and is published approximately 3 times per year.


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